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Musical (S)VCD Cover

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Season 2 Double DVD Covers

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For your own site, put a Buffy favicon in it. :)
When viewing the site in Internet Explorer, it puts the favicon next to the page title in the Favorites. When using Mozilla/Netscape6, it puts the favicon next to the address in the address-bar. Get the favicon here, and put this in your html-code:

<link href="favicon.ico" rel="favorite icon">

Of course, you can also use this icon for Windows icons.


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I've created buffy- and angel-quotes fortune-files. People who are known with *nix-systems will know what fortune is. If you don't, you're not a real *nix-addict. ;)
You can install them by untarring the file, and placing the 2 files in /usr/local/share/games/fortunes. You can see the output at the top of this page.
The quotes come from 'Laugh Lines, Love Lines' and 'The homepage of Pamela Thalner', and are not checked by me if they are 100%. So do that yourself.


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I've tested this page in Mozilla 1.x and Internet Explorer 6. Upgrade if your layout sucks. ;)


If you would like to contact me, mail me at sander at blauwscherm dot nl.